increase road safety and reduce our carbon footprint

Join us on a mission …

… to increase road safety and reduce our carbon footprint.
We believe that rewarding safe and eco-friendly driving is a
good start.

You should not pay for how other people drive. That’s why we aim to provide a fair and transparent car insurance where you can save money based on what risk level you are driving.

We care about you and your passengers.

Our Story

Covercube was founded in 2021 by John Crispi who realized not all drivers were created equal. Being a 20 year executive in the insurance industry, John didn’t need to look far to discover this. John is a father of two teenage boys. After being a passenger with each boy, he realized one son was more focused on the road than his brother. However, John was paying the same rate for each son.

He started looking for a better solution. He and his partners developed a program and an app to provide a rate based on how drivers actually drive. Never before had insurance companies offered individual quotes based on a driver’s performance, resulting in fair insurance prices. What’s more is the Covercube app also tracks how your driving affects the environment.

Meet us

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